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India has one of the world’s youngest populations, and harnessing their power can accelerate the country’s transformational journey. Empowering rural women can also result in a paradigm shift towards transformative change.

Gandhi Fellowship, a Piramal Foundation initiative, was established over a decade ago to develop nation builders and has since produced over 1,700 Fellows. It exposes the youth to government functioning and community behaviour at the grassroots level, instilling in them a spirit of Sewa Bhaav and selflessness in the process.

Karuna Fellowship, a two-year pilot programme, is equipping rural women with digital skills, thereby accelerating their growth. With inclusion at its core, it has demonstrated that women’s development can lead to women-led development. Altogether 30 Karuna Fellows have already been placed in 12 organizations.

The Piramal Academy of Sewa, anchored on the demonstrated success of the Gandhi Fellowship and the Karuna Fellowship, is a decisive step towards nation-building.