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India has one of the youngest populations in the world, with youth constituting 22% of the total population. In any transformative journey, harnessing the power of youth and tapping their leadership development as key catalysts of change goes a long way in fast-tracking change. Similarly, empowering rural women can bring a paradigm shift towards transformative change.

Gandhi Fellowship, an initiative of Piramal Foundation, was established over a decade ago to develop nation builders, and today, has spawned over 1700 Fellows who apply their innovation and commitment as they continue to spearhead change across sectors pan India.

Youth Fellows benefit from the in-depth experiential grassroots exposure to government functioning and community behaviour, even as this experience instils a spirit of Sewa Bhaav in them. The Fellowship equips youth to emerge as multi-sectoral entrepreneurs or essay key roles in the government, fuelled by their innate passion and spirit of selflessness. Additionally, with inclusion at the core, a 2-year pilot with rural women, Karuna Fellowship, has demonstrated that women’s development can lead to women led development, when these women are armed with the right tools and skills. 30 Karuna Fellows have already been placed across 12 organisations.

Karuna Fellows equips women, primarily from marginalised backgrounds, with digital skills, which leapfrogs their growth and development. It is a bridge for these women to build self-esteem and confidence as they strengthen their own communities while adding value as a capable, empathetic resource who strengthen deployment of Government programs, and emerge as torchbearers of social and economic growth.

TaPAS, anchored on the demonstrated success of the Gandhi Fellowship and Karuna Fellowship, is a definitive step towards nation building.