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Ushering in transformation at scale

Solving India’s most intractable problems. Innovation, Collaboration and Sewa Bhaav.

Introducing 6 Big Bets

Project to Platform approach
Accelerating change through pooling of resources to take innovations to scale.

Partnerships approach
Enhancing capacity to influence systemic transformation with speed.

Anamaya, the Tribal Health Collaborative

Inclusion is key to transforming lives of 700+ tribal communities.

Aspirational Districts Collaborative

A collaborative platform to catapult India towards transformation.

Digital Bharat Collaborative

Enhancing experiences of citizens in accessing government services.

Piramal University

Two pronged Innovation to drive transformative change of public systems.

The Piramal Academy of Sewa

Harnessing the Sewa Bhaav of youth and power of rural women towards inclusive nation building

Piramal Centre for Children with Special Needs

Every child matters to us, including the invisible.


Piramal Foundation’s vision is to transform Health, Education, Water and social sector ecosystems through partnerships, high impact solutions and thought leadership.

Aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals, it partners with the Central Government and State Governments, international and national organizations and academia to help improve delivery of government services in line with its values of “Doing well and Doing good”.

By focusing on the most marginalized groups within India, strengthening the ability of states to deploy impactful initiatives, and engaging youth in nation building efforts, the Foundation has touched the lives of 100+ million Indians in the last 15 years.

27 States



Transformation at scale needs a unique approach to address deep rooted barriers, calling for a large commitment of resources by bringing multiple partners together in alliances to strengthen systems, and to reach out to every person.

  • Partnerships approach to draw additional resources, vast pool of diverse expertise, and innovations to tackle a social sector problem at scale
  • Platform approach to influence systemic transformation through alliance of partners for "scalable learning" and enhanced capacity to address a single problem with speed

The Big Bets are designed to address the most underserved, and to ensure that no one is left behind. Aimed at strengthening systems through leadership development and digitisation, they engage youth in nation building efforts in order to build long lasting change for India.

Big Bets Video

Chairman’s Message


My guiding light in life is the Bhagvad Gita, which talks about how we are all trustees on earth. As a trustee, our endeavour is to make the best use of what we have received from the Lord for the benefit of all and to make a difference in the world around us.

Piramal Foundation has impacted the lives of 100 Million plus people, for which I am grateful to all our partners, the communities we serve, and the Foundation team.

India with its vast, diverse, unique populations and locale-specific challenges, pose multi-layered, seemingly intractable problems. If we address these long- standing problems with traditional solutions, we will be failing in our mission as Indians. Development efforts must transform at scale to accelerate India’s pace of reaching her full potential.

I have re-imagined our entire portfolio of solutions and taken 6 Big Bets. These Bets in my view will leapfrog India towards achieving her Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

I have always believed that partnerships and collaborations with like-minded, values-based entities and local influencers complement Government’s efforts and provide much-needed impetus. For that, we have moved from projects to large collaborative platforms. Each Big Bet has been designed to empower every person at the last mile, to strengthen systems by leveraging technology and bring about the transformation I hope to see in my lifetime.

We want Piramal Foundation to be remembered as a humane organisation that inspired Sewa Bhaav. An organisation that made a difference. And one that made India a better place for all her citizens.


Aditya Natraj

Aditya Natraj

Piramal Foundation has always been driven by a single-minded purpose; that of reaching India’s most underserved sections. Despite the best efforts of the government and other players, social inequalities continue to rise and many intractable problems remain unsolved since 75 years. This calls for a paradigm shift in development efforts in the country.

To bring about transformational change, the need of the hour is to identify these problems. The need is for a committed ten years of philanthropic capital, innovation, and multi-stakeholder collaboration. Towards this, we have re-imagined the Foundation, and adopted bold new approaches in the form of 6 Big Bets.

Our Big Bets are our Bold Philanthropy in Action, transitioning to “platforms for public good” - supporting governments by inviting large commitment of funding and non-financial resources from diverse partners, bringing them together in alliances to strengthen systems and solve social problems at scale.

All Big Bets leverage technology, engage communities and work with governments, to ensure that India continues to grow and thrive, inching closer to becoming a 5 trillion economy.

As always, we are committed to make these Big Bets succeed. We will track their scope, reach and impact as they evolve over the next 10 years. It is heartening to see that the Big Bets have already begun embracing scores of lives at the last mile, leaving no one behind!

As Piramal Foundation commences this new journey of transformational change, I commit that we will rebuild Bharat in service of our country and the world.