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In India, there are nearly 30 million people with disabilities, each with unique needs requiring special attention. Children with disabilities are more often than not invisible and excluded from mainstream society because of widespread structural disparities and a lack of adequate, high-quality care for them.

The Piramal Centre for Children with Special Needs is being built as a top-tier facility to help children with disabilities become self-sufficient and productive. The inclusive institute will have a world-class curriculum and pedagogy, with a focus on social, emotional, and ethical competencies, as well as experiential learning. This will enable children with disabilities to navigate life situations independently and create more opportunities for them in the future. The institute will be built with state-of-the-art features, including sports training centres, hostels, PWD-run kitchens and cafeterias, libraries, and clubs.

Partnerships have been formed with specialists in order to develop the best curriculum possible for the institute.