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Indian public systems have made significant progress in the last decade. However, gaps remain and more needs to be done to support the government to completely transform its systems and make these more inclusive and equitable.

Piramal University is built on our 10+ years of demonstrated expertise in strengthening public education. This experience is the bedrock of initiating similar dual approaches to transform public health systems as well. The University is a first of its kind, world class institute for strengthening systems (institutional processes, practices & governance) within the government by leveraging technology; and for building leadership of government officials so that they drive innovation and learning.

The School of 21st Century Education will equip young students with 21st century skills such as social-emotional ethical learning, livelihood education, aesthetic literacy, and physical literacy so that they thrive in a rapidly evolving world.

The School of Systems Change’s mission is to foster trust in public institutions by providing skills in governance, automation, legal reform, communication, and public finance via a mix of classroom sessions, live action projects, and peer learning communities.The School of Transformational Leadership will build motivated leaders, so that they can evolve as catalysts for innovation and learning. The School of Public Health will influence state-level agendas for RMNCH (reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health), nutrition, and communicable and non-communicable diseases.

Significant headway has been made by partnering with state governments, tech giants, leading academic institutions and other key players.