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Thought Leadership Articles
The next stretch, India@100: When will country's real transformation happen? Mr Ajay Piramal Big ideas require social and corporate sectors to be deeply invested in unlocking socioeconomic potential.
Tribal women have a significant role in India’s transformation Dr Swati Piramal As India progresses rapidly, the need of the hour is to ensure we develop the collective agency of tribal women to make Sabka Vikas (everyone’s development) a reality. It is indeed time for affirmative action and equitable progress.
World Environment Day: A healthy water footprint is key for a healthy earth Dr Swati Piramal & Anuj Sharma What will really move the needle for the climate change agenda is to evolve a citizen’s action framework that is water-centric.
The Health of adolescent girls is a vital aspect of our growth story Dr Swati Piramal & Neelima Pandey We must change deep-rooted practices and converge efforts to assure them of the agency they need.
Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission – the driver of Universal Health Coverage Dr Swati Piramal & Ishmeet Singh Robust implementation of Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission, sustained financial support, strong political will, shared commitment of all stakeholders can have a transformative impact on India’s public health system.
World Health Day: A call to pay attention to our tribal population Dr Swati Piramal & Dr Shailendra Hegde There is a paucity of knowledge about tribal health. It is therefore critical to develop and disseminate knowledge that will inform and prioritise this agenda.
Dr. Swati Piramal on Outlook Poshan 2.0 Reach Each Child initiative Dr Swati Piramal Malnutrition is not a health problem it is a social problem and so it requires systems thinking and a community approach to combat malnutrition
Focus On Tribal Children’s Nutrition Key To A Healthy India Dr Swati Piramal & Dr Shailendra Hegde India is reminded that it can accelerate its development journey by combating undernutrition in tribal children using a whole-system and whole-community approach.
Corporate philanthropy solutions must be local: Ajay Piramal  Chairman's Interview In an interview, Ajay Piramal, chairman of the foundation, underlined the key themes and big bets that will set the stage for the foundation and potentially for corporate philanthropy in general.
Eradicating TB from tribal communities of India Dr Shailendra Hegde The Aashwasan campaign has gone a long way in helping early detection of the disease among the tribal communities.
Phygital education could prove transformative for the country Dr Swati Piramal & Aditya Nataraj A blend of digital and physical methods can double India’s gross enrolment ratio in higher education.
Dispelling vaccine hesitancy Dr Swati Piramal Transparency in communication regarding vaccination is important for motivating communities and reducing vaccine hesitancy.
International Education Day: How to build a compassionate and capable India through social, emotional and ethical learning  Aditya Nataraj Here's how we can build a compassionate and capable India through social, emotional and ethical learning.
Omicron spread and vaccine hesitancy in India: Only around 44% Indians are fully vaccinated. To get more jabbed, governments need to go local  Dr Swati Piramal, Ramya Pinnamaneni, K Viswanath Only around 44% Indians are fully vaccinated. To get more jabbed, governments need to go local
Pandemic preparation: It’s time for us to spotlight public health Dr Swati Piramal Policy enablers and funding could turn India into a global hub for innovative healthcare solutions.